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Computer Activities


Count along to 100 (fill in 100 chart)
     Eggs to Order (ordering numbers)
     Give the Dog a Bone (finding numbers on 100 chart)
     Space Hopscotch

     What Comes Next? (Saxon)
     Crazy Pattern Machine
     Color Patterns

     -Fractions and Decimals
     Action Fraction
     Fraction Eaters (equivalent fractions)

     -Addition and Subtraction

     Cannon Math (addition)
     Farm Addition
     Flying Saucer Addition - facts to 20
     Flying Saucer Subtraction - facts to 20
     Flying Saucer Addition - three numbers
     Subtraction Bowling
     Around the World in 80 Seconds (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
     Simple Subtraction
     Ladybug Addition and Subtraction
     Bug Addition (make number sentence from picture)
     Busy Bees (math word problems)
     Grand Slam Math (math word problems)
     Word Problems with Katie
     Addition and Subtraction Games

     -Multiplication and Division
     Batter Up Baseball (2 digit multiplication)
     Multiplication Matho
     Multiplication Tunnel Blaster
     Multiplication Flashcards
     Flying Saucer Multiplication
     Number Invaders (multiplication and division)
     Grand Slam Math (word problems)
     Word Problems with Katie
     Multiplication and Division Games

Time and Money
     Math at the Mall

Graphs and Charts
     Find the Aliens (coordiates on a graph)
     Space Boy to the Rescue


Multiple Skills
     Math Olymics
     Math Millionaire
     Math Hoops (word problems)

Language Arts:

     Letter Maze    
     Connect the Dots Alphabet
     PBS Kid Games
     Leo the Letter Loving Lobster
     Alphabet Book Game
     Spring Bee
     Letter Match
     Same Letter, Different Sound

Letter Sounds
      Vowel movie
      Chicken Stacker vowel sounds
      Short vowel matching
      Short vowel practice
      Missing short vowel game
      Picture match - letter sounds

     Fowl Words
     Spell Check
     Spelling Match
     Create a Crossword
     Contraction Match
     Fuzzy Lion Ears - Missing Letters
     Compound Words
     Spelling (Harcourt)
     Plural Play - Tic Tac Toe (2 players)
     Proofreading Makes Perfect

     Constructing Prefixes (definitions)
     Building Prefixes (definitions)
     Build Vocabulary - Free Rice
     Suffix and Base Word Match
     Suffix Matching Game (definitions)

     Learn to Read
     Reading Skills
     When did the story happen?
     Where did the story happen?
     Make a Long Story Short (summarizing)
     Coconut Words (fill in the blank)
     I Can Read

     Create a Sentence
     Wall of Words
     Harcourt Grammar Practice (by grade)
     Go for Grammar Gold (by grade)
     Grammar Blast (by grade)
     Clean Up Your Grammar
     Verb Power (main, helping, or contraction)
     Grammar Gorilla (parts of speech)
     Proofreading Makes Perfect
     Match the Adjective
     Wacky Web Tales
     Parts of Speech Game
     Verbs Game
     Adjective Adventure
     Noun Explorer
     Comma Chameleon
     Magical Capitals


     Super Hyper Spider Typer
     Super Speller Type Me
     Typing Tutor
     WPM Tester
     Desert Typing Racer
     Keyboard Triathalon
     Save the Sailboat Race
     Meteor Typing Blast


Musical Note Pair Game (matching sounds)
Music Games
Listen to Musical Instruments
Listen to Famous Composers
Various Music Activities (Sphinx Kids)



Animal characteristics game
Kids Corner animal games
Animal classification game
Animals of the World
Animal Classification
Animal Classification Quiz


Health Games

Social Studies:

      World Maps - Geography Games
     Kids Geo - Geography Games for Kids
     USA Games
     Identify States, Countries, and Provinces
     Traveler's IQ Challenge
     Digital Dialect Geography Games
     Famous People Quiz
     20th Century History
     20th Century Presidents
     Brain Teasers

    Ancient Egypt games and info
     Ancient Egypt quizzes

Special Days:

Other learning:

     Word Searches
     Words Finds
     Paint by Number and Letter
     Michael, Michael, Go Recycle